Measurement of Garments

At “More information” You will find the measurement of Garments and each article is in cm. If You don´t have a Tape measure, You can use a String and measure with a Ruler or a Yardstick. Måttband

We produce our Garments in size: S – XXL and some models in size: XS. At the web shop the Measurements are in size: Medium. We have measured our Garments laid out on a flat surface without stretching it out. You can also take measure of Your own Garments and compare against our Measurements to get a good picture of our models.

Bust Where the Bust is greatest when You have a Bra on, all around.

Backside Where the backside is the widest, all around.

Length of the upper From the highest point of the shoulder down.

Length bottom From  the waist along the outside of the leg and down

If You are unsure which size to choose. Please, visit our Stores or contact us for more information!