Kerstin - JordnäraThe Company Jordnära  was started 1983 by Kerstin Bendelin. It has always been a quality Label with Garments in different natural materials. All models are created and designed by the owner Kerstin Bendelin. The Collection consists of Garments in both Linen and Cotton. The Sizes are loose and made of colorful Cotton tricot with different designs and stripes.

Our Flagship-Store is open around the Year and is situated at “the heart of” Visby, near Stora Torget at S:t Katarinagatan 1. At that Store we also sell garments from other Nordic designers. During the month of July we have a summer Store at the Countryside of Gotland, in the village Lau. From year 2010 we have a Store in Stockholm at the Old Town, Stora Nygatan 6.

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Organic Production

Our Goal is that the Hole Collection will be Organic. We are successfully replacing the qualities to Organic materials and most of the Collection are produced in Organic Cotton. The designs and collection of samples are made at the island, Gotland. The Cotton tricots are produced in Sweden and most of the sewing are made in Estonia.